WILDLIFE Demonstration and Talk Ideas

Demonstration and Talk Ideas
Wildlife I
 Talk about the following habitats: grasslands, wetlands, and woodlands.
 Talk about herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores.
 Explain an animal’s home range.
 Explain what the names of young animals are compared to the adult animals.
 Describe how food chains work.
 Demonstrate how to make a bird feeder.
 Talk about using bird baths.
 Explain how to feed hummingbirds and how to make their feed.
Wildlife II
 Talk about migration and explain the four recognized flyways.
 Explain the following terms: extinct, endangered, threatened, extirpated, reintroduced,
introduced, and returned. Give examples.
 Describe a Food Web.
 Explain the different beaks that birds have and their purpose.
 Explain the different legs and feet found on birds and their purpose.
 Talk about teeth and how they relate to what animals eat.
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