Cast the arguments.

Cast the arguments.
Descartes was smart. He invented standard algebraic notation; and Cartesian coordinates,
which enable us to give algebraic equations for geometrical figures, are named after him.
He himself was one of the leaders of the scientific revolution, making fundamental
advances not only in mathematics but also in physics, particularly optics. But Descartes
was also a pious Catholic. So for him it was also a task of great importance to show how
the unfolding scientific world- vast, cold, inhuman, and mechanical- nevertheless had
room in it for God and freedom, and for the human spirit. (Simon Blackburn)
Rhinos in Kenya are threatened with extinction because poachers are killing them for
their horn. Since the rhino has no natural predators, it does not need its horn to survive.
Thus, there should be an organized program to capture rhinos in the wild and remove
their horn. Such a program would eliminate the incentive of the poachers.
[1. Marriage is becoming unfashionable.] [2. Divorce rate is at an all time high], and [3.
cohabitation is increasingly presented in a positive manner in the media]. [4. Movies are
full of characters who live together and unwilling to commit to a lifelong partnership]. [5.
Even newspaper columnists recommend people to live together for an extended period
before marriage in order to test their compatibility.]
[Dogs make excellent pets. (1)] [Dogs are very affectionate and faithful.(2)] [People
who own dogs can't avoid exercise (3)] [since they have to take their dogs for walks
(4)]. Also, [dogs protect their masters (5)]. [They will not allow anyone to harm their
owners on the street (6)], and [they guard the house as well (7)].
[Saturday morning cartoons have no educational value (1)]. Also, [these cartoons
cause children to believe that violence isn't really so bad (2)], since [in these cartoons
violence is presented as funny (3)], and since [no one is really hurt by this violence
(4)]. In addition, [these cartoons is promote products that are harmful to the health
of children (5)]. [For example, twenty percent of commercials during these
programs are for cereals filled with sugar (6)], and [such cereals are detrimental to
the health of children (7)]. Thus, although [most children love Saturday morning
cartoons (8)], [parents shouldn't allow children to watch these programs (9)]
Besides, [kids should be outside getting exercise rather than sitting in front of the
TV. (10)] .