Technology Self-Eval 2009-2010

Spring 2010
Shared Governance Committee: Technology Committee
Evaluation for Academic Year: 2010
1. Please indicate the dates of each of your meetings in the past year.
5 meetings in Fall 2009 - 9/16, 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 12/02
6 meetings in Spring 2010 - 2/24, 3/10. 3/24, 4/14, 4/28, 5/12
Are the minutes of these meetings all posted on your web site? Yes, they are
currently up to date.
2. What would you consider to be the main accomplishments/tasks that your
committee achieved this academic year?
Completion of the Final Draft (after 28 versions) of the Technology Master Plan
(which will be submitted to College Council in its last meeting of the Spring 2010
Semester on 5-20-10)
3. What prioritized goals for this year were you unable to complete or are still in
We are starting to work on implementing software and procedures to ensure
compliance with accessibility standards for all students including those with
disabilities. We are also starting to review and update the college web access and
use policies.
4. Please list your prioritized goals for the next academic year.
a. Work on implementation of 508 software to ensure Title II compliance
b. Work on web access and use policies
c. Develop and implement “social networking” procedures/policies – for newly
d. Develop list of technology priorities and develop strategy for implementation
e. Collaborate with Staff Development, Department Chairs, and Title V in
developing incentives for both students and faculty use of technology to improve
student success
5. Does your charter accurately reflect the committee’s focus? If not, please explain.
We have added, as resource members, Counseling, and Title V – LRC Researcher and Title V-LRC - a Technology Staff Assistant.
6. Is membership tenure reflected accurately on the web site? Yes
7. Is your membership adequate to meet the work challenges of the committee? Yes
8. Please list the dates that one or both of the co chairs of your committee attended
the SGTF monthly meetings. Both Maury and David attended the SGTF monthly
9. Do you have any suggestions for the SGTF that could improve our Shared
Governance process or make it more efficient?
a. Recommend that an agenda for the Summer August Retreat be developed and
sent out to each Shared Governance Committee before the end of the Spring 2010
b. Recommend that the Shared Governance Committees review, discuss, develop,
and implement an overall plan to “link” our master plans including, but not
limited to the College Strategic Master Plan, Educational Master Plan,
Technology Master Plan, and Facilities Master Plan.
SIGNATURES: _________________________________Co-Chair
May 18, 2010