Sample Philosophy

Philosophy 1
Our center begins with the belief that children actively
participate in their own learning and that each child is special
and unique. The Center believes that each child has his/her
individual needs, feelings, backgrounds, and each must be
responded and respected.
The Center believes that the education of the whole child is
important and the teacher’s responsibility is to provide
opportunities for the child to flourish socially, physically,
emotionally, and cognitively.
The Center provides a positive, safe, and reassuring
environment for the child to have authentic and concrete
experiences which enhance a child’s self-esteem, help the
child acquire, practice and master basic daily living skills, and
strengthen his/her pre-readiness skills as the child
demonstrates physical and emotional readiness.
The Center follows an emergent, varied curriculum that
fosters growth and development in young children and
practices non-sexist and multicultural approach.
Program Philosophy and Goals 2
The Children’s Center strives to create an environment that will foster
the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of all the
children. We try to help each child feel he or she is a respected
person who has capacity to make appropriate decisions. We feel we
can best do this by providing the following:
 Awareness that each child is unique and significant as an
 A wide range of experiences, and a diverse and enriched
curriculum by which the child’s interest will be stimulated and
 Materials that will help the children become divergent thinkers
 Developmentally appropriate concepts that allow the child to
integrate experience, thereby establishing a firm bases on which
to develop further knowledge
 Staff which values the child’s language and ethnic backgrounds
as well as the child’s non-verbal communications
 A basic understanding of various cultures and their values
 Unstructured time to develop motor skills, explore the
environment, engage in dramatic play, develop social skills,
express him/herself freely , and experience joy and satisfaction
Philosophy 3
Our Child Care Center is based on the child development model
which incorporates the theories of Piaget, Montessori, Erikson, and
others. Learning through play is viewed as the cornerstone of the
curriculum. Adults provide protection, security, stimulation,
support, limits, and affection. Children are respected as individuals
within a child-oriented rather than teacher-directed program.
At the Child Care Center, children are given the opportunity to
explore materials and participate in a variety of experiences.
Activities are carefully planned and implemented in an openclassroom setting. Children are free to choose from age-appropriate
activities including art, music, language development, pre-math
skills, science and nature, and dramatic play. Children develop selfesteem, independence and problem-solving skills as they make
choices and assist in planning the environment and the activities.
Our primary goal is for children to feel safe and secure. Prior to
being independent a child must know that he or she can depend on
adults and a predictable environment. Children are treated with
respect and kindness. We recognize that children develop at
different rates and have different interests. Small group size and
appropriate teacher-child ratios allow for meeting the individual
needs of each child.
We believe that children are our most important resource, and we understand that
their early childhood experiences are instrumental in the development of their
futures. We strive to create high quality early childhood experiences by providing a
structured, yet flexible learning environment that foster active learning.
At our center you will see:
No patterns to follow, only materials with which to create.
No complicated, abstract meanings the child cannot comprehend, only ideas
and concepts to talk about, relate to, compare with, match, fit into, try out,
invent, discover, enjoy.
Yet at the same time the child is being continuously challenged by specific learning
goals we have set for them, we understand that:
 In order to read and perform other academic tasks the child must first gather
meaning from the world and develop an awareness of concepts.
 In order to gather meaning from the world the child must have many
satisfying sensory and sensory motor experiences; the child must touch, feel,
smell, hear, see. Perceptual development follows. This is how a child
interprets their sensory experiences, which is a prerequisite for developing
their mind.
Our Academy strives to provide an educational program to all children enrolled while
offering a network of support to each family as a whole.
Our teachers work in partnership with each family to identify individual goals and
plans for the children. The curriculum we implement provides a comprehensive
program for children of all ages, including our youngest infants and toddlers.
Teachers and parents of infants and toddlers work together toward development in
the areas of sense of self, social relations, creative representation, movement,
communication and language, and exploration and early logic.
As the 3, 4, and 5 year old children transition into our preschool program, their goals
focus on developing initiative, social relations, creative representation, movement
and music, communication and language, and exploration and early logic.
Program success also requires a strong partnership with each family. Teachers,
administrators, and parents work together to utilize a variety of resources within the
program as well as the community to ensure that all members of the families receive
the support they need and/or desire.
Our philosophy is based on respect for all people,
especially the children. We strive to create an environment
where we recognize the uniqueness of each individual and
value each person's gift to life.
We are committed to providing a quality child development
program where the children feel safe and loved. Children
learn best and develop their fullest potential through active
participation in a wide variety of activities which take place
in a safe, secure, nurturing environment. We promote a
program to meet the needs of the total child—socially,
emotionally, creatively, physically and intellectually. We
want to instill in each child, a feeling of competence,
autonomy and a positive self-concept.
Allow the children to do as much for themselves as
possible. This includes meal time, bathroom, outdoors,
free play time and especially art and table activity time.
Children develop confidence and independence from
feelings of success. They cannot have this success if
adults do too much for them. Parents, teachers and staff
work together to make child care a positive learning
experience for each child.
We are committed to supporting the family unit and
recognize the uniqueness of each parents and encourage
their involvement with open and honest