SQ Quiz2

Microscope QP
Know the following
1.What is a compound vs a dissecting scope. What type of microscope uses two sets of lenses,
2.How to calculate total mag at high, medium and low power.
3. visit google and search for elodea and squamous epithelial cells ; know the visible parts of the cell of both cells.
Identify the cell wall, cell membrane, vacuole, chloroplast, nucleus of cells that have these.
4. What is the role of the condenser, and iris diaphragm.
5. What is used to add contrast
6. What is used to slow a sample
7. At what magnifications can you use gross or fine adjust.
8. Does magnifying a sample increase or decrease light intensity?
9. What is the basic unit of life?
10. How do plant and animal cells differ?
11. What cell were protista.
.Dr. Fennoy