Download ICC Capstone Designation Form

Rev. 5/20/15
Ithaca College Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC)
Before completing this designation request, please review the Guidelines for ICC Course
Designations, available on CCR’s website (
For new or substantially revised courses, this form should not be completed until the relevant APC
paperwork has completed School processes. This attribute can be applied to new stand-alone courses,
existing departmental capstones, or other advanced courses where appropriate.
Course Number and Title:
Campus Phone & E-mail:
Department Chair
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Date of Submission:
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* Applications for general education designation must be forwarded as an email sent to
[email protected] by the department chair. Hard copies with signatures are not required. Please name
the file according to the following format: CP [SUBJ] [Course#] [mm-dd-yy].docx
1. Please electronically attach a .docx or .pdf copy of the course syllabus.
2. Designation Proposal Questions
Review the Student Learning Outcomes for the ICC Capstone Attribute. By submitting this
proposal you acknowledge that the course must address and assess the Student Learning
Outcomes as stated in the boxes below.
Making explicit reference to the syllabus, explain how the course will address the SLOs for the ICC
Capstone Attribute (content addressed, readings, assignments). Descriptions should not exceed 250
1. Engage in and communicate self-reflection about their learning in the ICC, their chosen discipline,
and their overall Ithaca College experience; and
2. Connect relevant experience and academic knowledge to deepen understanding of fields of study
and broaden their own points of view; and
3. Summarize prior learning inside and outside of the classroom to reveal significantly changed
perspectives about educational and life experiences.
Making explicit reference to the syllabus, please explain what artifact(s) students will be able to
upload to their electronic learning portfolios at the end of the course to demonstrate that they have
met the ICC outcomes (e.g., exams, written assignments, audio/visual projects, recorded
presentations/performances). Descriptions should not exceed 250 words.
4. As part of their capstone experience, students are required to complete a reflective artifact that
addresses the question, “What has my learning in the Integrative Core Curriculum contributed
to my education and how is that learning related to what I’ve learned in my major and through
other learning experiences?”