Download ICC Writing Intensive Attribute Form

Rev 5/20/15
Ithaca College Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC)
Before completing this designation request, please review the Guidelines for ICC Course Designations,
available on CCR’s website. ( For new or
substantially revised courses, this form should not be completed until the relevant APC paperwork has
completed School processes.
Course Number and Title:
Campus Phone & E-mail:
Department Chair
submitting proposal*
Date of Submission:
Date(s) of Revision:
* Applications for general education designation must be forwarded as an email sent to
[email protected] by the department chair. Hard copies with signatures are not required. Please name
the file according to the following format: WI [SUBJ] [Course#] [mm-dd-yy].docx
1. Please electronically attach a .docx or .pdf copy of the course syllabus.
2. Designation Proposal Questions
Review the Student Learning Outcomes for the Writing Intensive Attribute. By submitting this
proposal you acknowledge that the course must address and assess the Student Learning Outcomes
as stated in the boxes below.
Making explicit reference to your syllabus (content covered, readings, assignments), explain:
A) How your course content will address EACH of the SLOs, and
B) Describe one or more artifact(s) students will be able to upload to their portfolios at the end of
your course to demonstrate that they have met each of the WI outcomes (e.g., exams, written
assignments). (Note that the same artifact may be used for more than one SLO.)
1. Develop and articulate content knowledge and critical thinking in a specific academic discipline
through frequent practice of informal and formal writing;
A) Course Content:
B) e-portfolio Artifact(s):
2. Demonstrate understanding of audience expectations, genres, and conventions appropriate to
communicating in a specific academic discipline or related profession; and
A) Course Content:
B) e-portfolio Artifact(s):
3. Compose one or more documents totaling at least 3000 words (irrespective of the page count) each of
which are the result of multiple stages of writing, including brainstorming, drafting, integrating sources, and
revising comprehensively after receiving substantial, formative feedback on drafts.
[In other words, above and beyond all informal writing in the class, students will produce at least 3000 words
that are the result of substantial, formative feedback in the drafting process.]
A) Course Content:
B) e-portfolio Artifact(s):