Download ICC Diversity Designation Proposal Form

Rev 5/20/15
Ithaca College Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC)
Before completing this designation request, please review the Guidelines for ICC Course Designations,
available on CCR’s website. ( For new or
substantially revised courses, this form should not be completed until the relevant APC paperwork has
completed School processes.
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* Applications for general education designation must be forwarded as an email sent to
[email protected] by the department chair. Hard copies with signatures are not required. Please name
the file according to the following format: DV_ [SUBJ] [Course#] [mm-dd-yy].docx
1. Please electronically attach a .docx or .pdf copy of the course syllabus.
2. Designation Proposal Questions
Diversity goes beyond the mere acknowledgment of difference to address the systematic silencing of
marginalized people as we work toward creating a more just world. Diversity encompasses multiple
dimensions, including but not limited to race, ability, nationality, ethnicity, religion, geographic
origin, class, sexual orientation and identities, gender, gender identities and expressions, and age,
allowing us to learn about the world through these perspectives.
Courses with a diversity designation are designed with the understanding that diverse perspectives
have been historically excluded from the core curriculum. These courses promote students’ critical
engagement with issues arising from the historical exclusion of oppressed voices. As such, courses
with a diversity designation enhance student awareness of current and past injustices, as well as the
potential role of diversity in enriching society.
Making explicit reference to the syllabus (content covered, readings, activities), explain:
A) How the course content will address EACH of the SLOs below, and
B) Describe one or more artifact(s) students will be able to upload to their portfolios at the end of
the course to show they have met each of the SLOs. (Note that the same artifact may be used for
more than one SLO.)
1. Articulate the ways in which systems of power impact the construction of individual and group
identity. Discuss how these identities and relationships, in turn, shape perception of systemic power
within social, economic, or historical contexts.
A) Course Content:
B) e-portfolio Artifact(s):
2. Analyze how individuals, organizations, and institutions create, perpetuate, adapt to, or challenge
A) Course Content:
B) e-portfolio Artifact(s):
3. Demonstrate how shifts in your personal understanding contribute to using diverse perspectives in
thinking and problem-solving within a broad range of contexts.
[NOTE: This SLO requires you to demonstrate that students have “shifted” with or in their thinking as a
result of taking this class. It is not enough to demonstrate that they “understand the principles presented
or covered herein”, the goal of this SLO is to assess if students now see, experience, feel, act, think
differently as a result of SLO #1 and 2.]
A) Course Content:
B) e-portfolio Artifact(s):