Lab 2 Heus

The New York Times
Friday Aug 27, 1920
Database: Proquest Historical NewspapersThe New York Times (1851-2008)
Molly Heus
Choice of Date: I chose to focus on a date that is significant to the
Women’s right movement. I am an American Studies major with
“Gender” as my thematic and I have taken multiple courses that
examine gender inequality. Therefore, I decided to pick a
Newspaper that recognized Women's Suffrage, one of the most
important achievements.
- August 26th 1920 : the 19th Amendment is officially adopted and
Women gain the right to vote
• Newspaper : New York Times
• Article Title: Text of the Proclamation Signed by Colby
Certifying Ratification of 19th Amendment: GOV. ROBERTS
• Publication year and location: 1920 New York, New York
• Dateline: Washington Aug. 26
• Publisher: New York, N.Y.
Front page headlines:
-"Soviet Waives Demand to Arm
Workers; Answers Anglo-Italian
Note on Poland; Poles Press
Pursuit, Take Ossowetz”
-"51 Cities assessed for $8,145,00
Fund, Cox Charges Against The
Republicans; Says Total For
Country Will Be Double”
Smaller titles also noted:
-"Lord Mayor Dying; Report Irish
-“Colby Proclaims Woman
Other articles: pg.12
-“BRT Union Calls Strike Meetings”
-"Drop in Food Prices and Other
-"Refuses Wage Rise”
-"Expressmen Fail To Settle Strike
-""Would Barviction During Rent
Coverage on the 19th Amendment pg.3
“Colby Proclaims Women’s Suffrage”
Signs certificate of Ratification at his home
without Women Witness
Special to the New York Times
WASHINGTON. Aug 29th- The half century
struggle for woman suffrage in the Unites
States reached its climax at 8 o'clock this
morning, when Bainbridge Colby, as Secretary
of State, issued his proclamation announcing
that the Nineteenth Amendment had become
a part of the Constitution of the United States
 Only actual photograph
Page 3
-The majority of ads
are directed towards
men (mostly clothing)
-All ads are animated,
instead of actual
-->Lack of
photographs in
general- photography
was not as accessible