Dear Colleagues,

Dear Colleagues,
We did not make a quorum at tonight’s meeting. This has triggered a series of
time sensitive events, one of which requires your immediate attention. It is
important that you go to the Faculty Council Sakai site and participate in the
Executive Session discussion, which will be followed by an electronic vote. The
discussion and vote will close on Thursday at noon. Since this is a confidential
matter, please do not make copies of any materials and do not discuss the issue with
anyone else. This is not as mysterious or ominous as it sounds, just very, very time
Since we did not have a quorum and we wished to have a vigorous discussion on the
listed topics, those who were present agreed to reschedule the meeting for Tuesday
evening, March 17, 7-9 PM in the VIP room. Please make every effort to attend. The
agenda will be essentially the same, with some minor changes.