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Quorum Amendment
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Whereas, The Ithaca College Student Government Association needs a full
quorum to make any vote occurring within an official meeting,
Whereas, there are circumstances in which quorum may need to be reduced
in order for a meeting to continue to have official votes,
It resolved that the Ithaca College Student Government amends Article IV,
Section 7 to state: (Note: Only the items that are bolded would be the only
changes to this respective section)
- A 2/3 quorum of all senators must be present at meetings for an official
meeting to be called to order and any voting to occur.
- Quorum may only be reduced when a 2/3 quorum is officially
present after a meeting is called to order
- It shall be left to the discretion of the Vice President of Senate Affairs as
to what type of vote shall be held.
- Each elected senator of Student Government Association shall receive
one vote.
- Executive Board members, ICSGA assistants, and students-at-large shall
not vote during Senate meetings.
- The President of the Student Body shall vote only in the event of a tie.
- No revote may occur.