Matata Fire Brigade news ... A quiet period since the last newsletter mid-November with two...

Matata Fire Brigade news
December 09
A quiet period since the last newsletter mid-November with two fire calls
and four medical calls. One fire call was to discarded rubbish set on fire
at the beach and the other to a lamp post on division street that caught fire
due to an electrical fault.
The Medicals ranged from an epileptic episode to a person falling down
stairs and receiving a bad cut to he head with a possible scull fracture.
As this will be the last article for the year, We would like to thank
everyone for the help that they have given us over the last twelve months.
We have so far done a total of 105 callouts, which is a record for this
Unfortunately we have seen a few members shift away to other parts but
we have also gained a couple of new people but overall we are still short
and our Xmas wish would be at least another five people to join up with
A safety message for these holidays would be to watch your safety
around the barbecue especially with little ones running around and also
when camping always be careful when lighting your gas lights and
cookers, preferably lighting them outside. Never underestimate the
dangers of these activities if you are under the influence of alcohol.
We hope you have a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and New Year,
but if for some reason it doesn’t work out that way, then we will be there
for you, just dial 111.
Chief Fire Officer Brian Dobson
3222 118
Deputy Chief Gavin Dennis
322 2253