October, 2009 30-second Radio PSA: 76 words

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October, 2009
30-second Radio PSA: 76 words
Pumpkin—October’s Food!
Pumpkins make great Jack-O-Lanterns; they also provide Vitamins A and C,
potassium, and fiber. Pumpkin is fat-free, only 80 calories a cup.
Choose firm, sound, smaller pumpkins (3-4 pounds) with a stem. They
should feel heavy for their size. Don’t refrigerate fresh pumpkins or wrap them in
plastic. Don’t eat a carved pumpkin as cut surfaces breed bacteria.
Contact your University of Wyoming Extension Nutrition and Food Safety
Educator for more on “Living Well in Wyoming.”
Sarah L. Francis PhD, MHS, RD, former University of Wyoming
Extension Educator – Carbon and Albany Counties.
The University of Wyoming and the United States Department of Agriculture cooperate.
The University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.