Civil Rights Research Project

Civil Rights Research Project
For this research project, you will be creating a journal that will contain a first person account of the events leading up
to and surrounding a specific date and place in American history.
a. Location
i. Memphis, Tennessee
ii. Nashville, Tennessee
iii. Little Rock, Arkansas
iv. Jackson, Mississippi
v. Philadelphia, Mississippi
vi. Birmingham, Alabama
vii. Selma, Alabama
viii. Montgomery, Alabama
ix. Greensboro, North Carolina
b. Event
i. Search for the city and topic, “Civil Rights”
ii. Determine major event
iii. Answer the five Ws and H – complete the chart
iv. Read firsthand experiences
1. Gather notes and analyze facts
2. Collect pictures
v. Determine which point of view you want to use (create a character)
c. Document all sources properly (DON’T PLAGIARIZE)
II. Write
a. Title page
b. Journal – number all pages except the title page
i. Minimum five pages of journal information with pictures and captions
1. Header with the date of each entry
2. Typed – 12 point font
3. Double spaced
ii. Five- seven separate days surrounding event
1. First person point of view
2. Eyewitness to event
3. Detailed descriptions and facts found
iii. Conclusion – written from the point of view of YOU (not the character)
1. Give your personal opinion about the event
2. Evaluate the existence of racial prejudice today
3. Summarize your thoughts on racism and equality in your life
c. Bibliography
i. Minimum three sources – these include reliable internet sources, books and reference books.
You must have at least two different types of sources.
ii. Use correct format
iii. Document all sources – even pictures, timelines, etc.
This journal is due on Friday, April 8th. It must be submitted on time, no exceptions! Ten (10) points will be
deducted each day your assignment is late. No project (or part of the project) will be accepted late without a
parent note attached explaining why it was late. This assignment will count as one test grade. The rubric must
be attached to the project for a grade.
Name: ______________________________
Place: _______________________________
Rubric for Civil Rights Research Project
Content and Format
Title Page (Title includes location, name, date, and class period)
Journal (five or more pages with page numbers)
Pictures or graphics included
Bibliography/Works cited page (three sources entered correctly)
Quality of Journal
Contains at least five separate, detailed entries
Each entry has a heading and date
Uses pictures to enhance information
Has complete facts and detailed descriptions
Includes an interesting conclusion based on feelings about event
Grammar and Mechanics
Displays correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization
Demonstrates correct grammar and usage
Used varied and complete sentence structure
Completed chart – 5 W’s and H
The “5 W’s and H” Chart
Fill in each section with details that answer the question.
What happened?
Who was there?
When did it happen?
Where did it happen?
How did it happen?