BSUFA Minutes
Called to Order by Elizabeth Dunn, President at 2:03 PM.
Dunn thanked the membership for their support and introduced the Executive Board of
2006/07. She then stated that the majority of new faculty with whom she had met had
signed their union cards, and that she intended to meet with all new faculty in the very
near future. She also reminded those present that in order to serve on committees, they
had to belong to BSUFA.
A list of committee vacancies from the Chancellor’s Office was read. BSUFA members
are encouraged to consider self-nomination for those committees.
Sharon Gritzmacher, Rules Committee, stated that the fall call will go out late next week
or early the following week.
The IPESL initiative was discussed. More information will be forthcoming.
Rod Henry, IFO negotiator, discussed current negotiations information. He suggests that
the Stop the Slide campaign during the last round of contract talks was effective and that
we will again need to prepare for action in the round of negotiations.
Tom Fauchald, Co-Chair of the BSUFA Governmental Relations Committee, announced
that candidate forums will be held soon. He reminded those present that all seats are up
for election this fall and that we have the power to impact the state budget as well as
contract talks if we vote. There will also be a get out the vote campaign in classes again
this fall. Student turn out at the polls can be instrumental in election results.
Dunn reiterated that the voter registration drive held on campus in 2004 was successful.
She stated that, “We don’t care which party they vote for, as long as they vote.”
The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 to make way for the BSUFA Committee
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