1430 Meeting Conduct

Meeting Conduct
All meetings will be conducted in an orderly and business-like manner, using Roberts Rules
of Order as a guide except when such rules are superseded by Board policies. Any additions
or changes in the prepared agenda may be requested by the Superintendent or a Board
members and can be made by the President of the Board if deemed expedient.
All votes on motions and resolutions shall, unless otherwise ordered, be polled and the vote
of each member,including the chairman, upon any questions shall be entered upon the
record. In such cases, every member present shall vote unless he/she has a personal interest
in the matter to be voted upon, or is excused by the Board at the member's request.
No action of the Board shall be reconsidered or rescinded at a subsequent meeting in the
same calendar year, except by vote of a majority of all members of the Board.
Adopted: June 10, 1992
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