March 18, 2010 Minutes

Gaps and Trends Committee Meeting Report
March 18, 2010, Noon, Deputy 301A
Members present: Nancy Erickson, Patricia Rogers, Patrick Guilfoile, Lisa Erwin, Karen Fei,
Chinwuba Okafor
1) Comments on the good work of the committee in drafting the University Assessment Plan,
which now includes all areas of the University.
2) TaskStream- three academic departments, the sustainability office, and the academic success
center are piloting TaskStream, with broader adoption planned for next year.
There was a discussion of possible changes to the assessment timeline (seven years, with yearly
updates) and a streamlining of the guidelines.
3) Summaries of comments regarding the NSSE and Noel-Levitz data were provided.
Discussion of future work of the committee, including the review of assessment reports, and the
production of a report for faculty and student senate and the administration.
4) Discussion of the upcoming HLC visit including the:
- Committee Charge, role
- Fundamental Questions regarding Assessment
- Chapter 3 of the HLC document
- tentative meeting time on Monday