Membership standard of the CEE Citizens Network Rights, Obligations and Benefits

Membership standard of the CEE Citizens Network
Rights, Obligations and Benefits
The rights of members are as follows:
- to participate in the activities of the Network
- to elect, be elected or nominated to the bodies of the Network
- to prepare and represent own plan of activity for next year to annual meeting of RT, to place
this plan on the web-site of the Network
- to represent the Network on national level and also on the international level
The representation on the international level has to be approved by Director of CEE CN.
- to be informed about activities and plans of the Network
The obligations of members are as follows:
- to follow the Bylaws
- to pay an annual membership fees, size of fees is determined annually by decision of RT
- to actively participate in the events of the Network including but not limited to Citizen
Participation Week
- to commit to actively communicate within the Network including e-mails and blogs, etc
- to prepare the report on results of own work regarding join activities of the Network for the
last year for the annual meeting of the RT
- to provide summary to the members from any event that CEE CN member represents the
- to fulfill the resolutions of Network bodies (RT, CT, Statutory and Director)
The benefits of being a member of CEE Citizens Network are as follows:
- chance to meet and share experiences with group of motivated activists
- expenses for annual training and other CEE CN events can be fully or partially supported
- access to Council of Europe and Conference of INGO
- international support for receiving grants
- other opportunities for funding (e.g. partnership projects)
RT – Representative Team
CT – Coordinating Team