Small-Scale Reflections


Global Reflections on Small-Scale


Monroe L. Weber-Shirk

S chool of

Civil and

Environmental Engineering


End of the semester details

 Where to go from here…

Your reflections on what you learned

Flow control design project

End of the semester details

Team evaluation form (due 12/8)

Course evaluation form (due 12/8)

Flow control report (due 11:59 pm 12/8)

Presentation (12/17 at 9:00 AM)

CEE 332: Hydraulic Engineering

Spring 2005

“The application of fluid mechanics and other science and engineering disciplines in the development of structures, projects, and systems involving water.”

Will include pipeline design, pipe network, transients, pumps, open channel flow

Design project will be a small community water supply transmission line and distribution system

CEE 452: Water Supply Engineering

Fall 2005

Analysis of contemporary threats to human health from water supplies

Criteria and standards for potable-water quality

Water-quality control theory

Design of water supply facilities

Additional Opportunities

CEE 492: ESW Cornell Chapter Project:

Turbidity removal technologies for



M. Eng. Program

Currently there are 3 distinct Environmental

Engineering M. Eng. programs at Cornell

Water Quality

Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology

Environmental and Water Resources Systems


I am hoping to design a more flexible M.

Eng. curriculum…

Small Scale Water Treatment for

Turbid Surface Water (05-06)

Selection, evaluation, and improvement of particle removal technologies for small scale community and/or household water treatment

Collaboration with Agua Para el Pueblo in


Will likely involve pilot scale evaluation

(lab testing)

Topics in Review

Public Health and Water

Multiple barriers, Multiple exposures


Filtration theory


Creative design process

Flow control

Technology Selection

Staged Sustainable Space

Oral Report Topics

Alternative coagulants

Ceramic filters

Arsenic removal

Biosand filters



Ethics of Aid

What did you learn in this course?

Each person (10 minutes)

 write down 3 to 10 things that you learned in this course

In groups of 3 or 4 (10 minutes)

Share what you learned

As a class

Each person shares their top 1 or 2 concepts

Open for comments/reflections

Collect cards

Creative Design Process

How have you used what you learned about the creative design process?

Flow Control Design Project:

Device Works…

Test it with clean water

Test it with turbid water

Plot flow rate vs. time

Report should include all design calculations and performance measurements as well as proposals for improving the device

Include photos and detailed drawings

Show in detail how this device would be used as part of a treatment process

Flow Control Design Project:

Device Fails…

Document why the device fails

Document changes you made to the device to improve its performance

Include data that shows the failure

Include design equations and analysis of the failure mode

Propose methods to improve the device or explain why this device isn’t a viable solution

Include photos and detailed drawings

Flow Control Future

It is very likely that the best ideas from the class project will be incorporated into the alum feed unit that is being design for a community in Honduras

I hope to see you often in the next days as you work on your designs!

Sustainable Water: currently only exists as a brainstorm

Team Project (6 credits)

4 Environmental Engineering courses

CEE 653 .

CEE 655

Two Electives in Environmental Engineering (Water

Quality, Fluids, Hydrology, Water Resources)

4 additional courses in supporting areas such as:

Environmental Engineering, Biological and Environmental

Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Development