7.7 A notes on Work

7.7 A notes on Work
Work is a measure of energy transfer, which occurs when an object moves a certain distance under
force. Here, work is referring to mechanical work and it is measured in units called joules. It is a scalar
quantity and is equal to force multiplied by distance. Note that the force and distance have to be in the
same direction. That is, the force should be decomposed into the direction in which the object moves.
Work is linked with a certain quantity of energy change, and does not change based on how the work is
finished. For example, there are different ways to accomplish work, such as making use of inclined
planes, ramps, or simple machines. However, when the force required is reduced by these versatile
methods, the other factor in the work formula, distance, increases. Thus, the total amount of energy or
work remains the same.