Cat_s Meow Lab

Cat’s Meow Lab
Get out a
sheet of paper
 Write the problem
 Problem: What will happen if you mix
milk, soap and food coloring?
 The answer to the problem.
 Prediction
 1. Fill one petri dish ½ full with whole milk and the
other petri dish ½ full with skim milk
 2. Place four drops of food coloring into the milk.
 Use four different colors
 Place in four corners
 3. Dip the toothpick in detergent
 4. Touch the surface of the milk with the toothpick.
 5. Record Observations.
 Draw the data table on your paper
 Data Table 1: Observations (Draw and color)
Milk + food coloring Milk, food coloring
& soap
 1 Paragraph (3 to 5 sentences) describing:
 What do you think happened?
 Was your hypothesis correct?
 If we were to do this again, discuss 3 ways that
we could alter this experiment (variables that
could be tested).