Exercise 6: Analysis of Performance Goals

Exercise 6: Analysis of Performance Goals
Directions: How effectively phrased are the following performance goals?
Make specific suggestions to improve the effectiveness of each stated goal.
1. Basketball player: “Improve my defensive play on the basketball court.”
2. Newspaper writer: “Develop a keener sense of the subtle areas of news story
3. “Learn to set priorities and stick to a timetable.”
4. “Increase output by 10%.”
5. Bank employee: “Bring in more new accounts to the bank.”
6. “Develop high quality relationships with employees through more effective
7. Sales support rep: “Learn how to compute and prepare sales commission
reports and related procedures.”
8. Communications Professor: “Publish one quality article in the Journal of
Business Communication in the next 2 years.”
9. “Attend a seminar which helps me develop the ability to accept criticism.”
10. Supervisor: “Become more effective in setting goals for my employees.”