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Quiz 1 for ESL

1. Matching Definitions
Directions: Match the word with the correct definition. Write the vocabulary word
on the line next to the definition.
1. ____________ a person who doesn’t change easily and is stubborn
2. ____________ someone who doesn’t like sharing
3. _____________someone who has a very high opinion of him- or herself
4. _____________a person who doesn’t do what he or she promised
5. _____________ a person who enjoys being with other people
6. _____________ a person who has unpredictable or irregular moods
7. _____________ a person who doesn’t worry much or get angry easily
8. _____________ someone who doesn’t brag about his or her accomplishment
9. _____________ someone who is helpful and encouraging
Word Bank for Matching Definitions
easy going
2. Use Who, That or Which to fill the blank.
There are five students _________ are playing basketball on the basketball court.
There are five trees __________ stand along the basketball court.
I bought a computer __________ is very cheap.
My mother, _________worked as a nurse, is retired now.
you are the one __________ your parents love the most.
What have you done with the pen ___________ I left on the table?
I don't know the phone number _________ is used in case of emergencies.
His last film ____________ is the best film I've ever seen hasn't a big audience.
We booked a really comfortable hotel room, ___________ was a very good idea.
3. Create 3 it + when sentences. Be creative and make sense!
Example: It makes me happy when someone gives me a compliment.
Or: I don’t like it when people call me late at night.