Personal Project Topics 2011-2012

2011-­‐2012 Personal Project Titles
Mayan Astronomy
So Soy Me-­‐ A Vegetarian Blog
Model Rocketry An Informational Guide to Christianity
Revealing misconceptions on Asian stereotypes through a movie.
Creating a Music Video The Baccalaureate Theater Company's Julius Caesar
Self-­‐Esteem Issues in Female Teens
Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
Modern Era Fashion through the eyes of a city girl The History of Basketball: Then and Now
Web Design and Programming
Sports Injuries
The evolution of basketball from past through present
The influences of aviation
Places to move in the United States
Dream Interpretation
Hunting and Poaching
Cosmetic testing on animals
The effects of derogatory slurs on LGBT students
The Techniques and Wonders of Basketball
Dog Training
Bringing out the Child Within You
Indian Party Cooking and Roles of Indian Women Body Image
Evolution of Horror Films
The Social Effects of Rock and Roll
Directing and Film-­‐making Astrophysics
Video Game Evolution
Finding Time for Everything
Pre-­‐Columbian irrigation
The Medias Influence on Teens
Handwriting Analysis Making My Family Tree
Experimentation with Animation The Hidden Culture of Hip Hop
Can Violent Videogames Alter Behaviors in Teens/ Young Adults?
All About Burgers
New York's Most Famous and Historical Landmarks, Then and Now
How Do Snowstorms Form? Abstract Art
The Physics in Billiards
The life of Non-­‐Natives Positive Outlook on Arranged Marriages Basketball: More Than Just A Game
Stand-­‐Up Comedy
Fitness Ice Skating
Opportunities in Medical Careers
The Impact of Video Games on Our Society
What does it mean to be a chef?
Videogame addiction and violence
Magic Memorization through Film
How to Build a Personal Computer.
Building a Computer The Crusade to Improve Education in Rural India
The Bangladeshi Fight for Independence
The Effects of Having, Surviving, or Knowing Someone With Cancer
The "Project Runway" Challenge
Autism Awareness
Serial Killers
The Effects and Causes of Kawasaki Disease Stop Motion Animation