Class Exercise 3 - Question Analysis

Class Exercise 3 - Question Analysis
What are the assumptions underlying the following questions?
1. Which is more important to you: the money or the job?
2. How will your marital status affect your job performance?
3. How should the current capital expenditure program of our company be changed?
4. How can we make our employees more assertive so as to increase their
communication effectiveness?
5. Our company has always had an “open-door” policy. How should that policy be
changed to increase employee satisfaction?
6. How did the relationship with your father affect your attitudes toward work?
7. Our company operates under the participative management philosophy. It doesn’t
seem to be working. How should we change our philosophy?
8. What communication skills are necessary for you to perform your job?
9. Would you prefer to pay for this deluxe dog polisher and toenail waxer with monthly
installments or in one payment?
10. Coach Jackson, how do you feel about the excessive demands on the players?
11. Mr. President, in light of the continued high unemployment, how will you change
your current economic programs?
12. People generally enjoy working either with other people, ideas or things. What is
your preference and what are the strengths and weaknesses of your orientation?
13. You just effectively argued that communication skills are based on appropriate
cognitive abilities. Does this mean that the intelligent person will have superior
communication skills compared to the less intelligent person?
14. Mr. Communication, you said that one of the major communication problems people
have is that they choose inappropriate levels of abstraction. What is the appropriate
level of abstraction?
15. Do all questions imply some assumptions?