Global Ambassadors Program (GAP) Application: Fall 2014


__________________________________________ ________________________ _________

Family Name First Name Date of birth: day/month/year Gender

_____________________ ____________________________

SAM ID Country of Citizenship


First Language

_________________________________________ _________________________________

Local Address (street name and number) Email Address

________________________________________________ ________________________________________

City State Zip Code Phone Number

PERSONAL INFORMATION (Please fill out all that applies)

School Classification: _______________ Academic Major: _________________________________________

Languages Spoken (other than English) (1)_______________________ (2) ____________________________

Hobbies: (1)_______________________ (2) _____________________________ (3) ________________________

Other Interests: (1)_________________________(2)________________________(3)_______________________

(activities you enjoy participating in)

Name 3 things you like to do with friends on the weekend:

(1) _____________________________(2)______________________________(3)___________________________

Are you involved with any clubs or extracurricular activities? YES____ NO _____

If yes, please list the clubs and extracurricular activities here:



Why do you want to participate in the GAP Program? _____________________________________________



Do you have your own transportation? YES___ NO___

If yes, would you be willing to occasionally drive your fellow GAP member to the grocery store or to other shopping areas?


Are you interested in serving on the GAP leadership team? YES___ NO___

(The GAP leadership team will assist the staff advisors by planning, organizing, and leading events and activities, as well as matching international students with their American buddies.

Being a GAP leader can help you learn many skills you can use in your future career such as leadership/management skills, administrative skills, and even intercultural communication skills! Students who are interested in becoming a GAP leader will receive emails from the advisor for future planning meetings. )

Global Ambassadors Program Code of Conduct Agreement

I, ____________________________ agree that for the duration I am in the Global Ambassadors

Program, I will abide by the guidelines listed below. I further agree that I understand that if these guidelines are not followed, it could result in my expulsion from the program, and being barred from further participation. These are the guidelines I will adhere to:

I will not engage in any activities that are considered illegal by the U.S. or the state of

Texas while in the presence of another GAP member.

I will not allow my to drive any vehicle, unless they have a valid U.S. Driver’s License.

I will conduct myself appropriately and professionally in all interactions with the students and OIP staff.

I agree to these terms by signing below.