FIRE SAFETY Evacuation

If you are the first to notice smoke or a fire:
 Evacuate the building immediately.
o As you evacuate towards an exit, verbally notify building occupants of smoke or fire
along the way.
o Activate the Fire Alarm (if not sounding) by pulling, in a downward motion, the Fire
Alarm Pull Station as soon as you encounter one (typically located at doors that exit
to the exterior of the building).
 Do not use the elevators
 Assist those with mobility problems
 Contact University Police at 936-294-1000 (4-1000 on campus)\
 Report to your designated assembly site, if safe to do so. Your assembly site should be at
least 300 feet from the building in alarm.
o Report to your alternate site, if smoke or other hazards are present.
 Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by Fire Department or University Police
personnel, or you receive official notice from the University through mass notification
announcements (KatSafe, Loudspeakers, e-mail, etc.).
Fire and Life Safety