2nd Grade 3rd 9 Weeks Extensions for Math Investigations

Extensions for Math Investigations: Grade 2 – 3rd 9 Weeks
These activities are intended to “extend” the lesson, not replace, for those students that
might benefit from further study.
Putting Together and Taking Apart
Investigation 1
Combining and Separating
Investigation 2
Working with 100
Investigation 3
Finding the Missing Part
Investigation 5
Addition and Subtraction Strategies
 Students show more than one way to solve a
combining problem
 Students show more than one way to solve a
separating problem
 Students write short stories for combining and
separating situations that have more than one
step (example: 5 + 8 + 22, 16 – 4 + 5)
 Students use colored pencils to mark diagonal
patterns they discover on the hundreds chart;
they describe the patterns
 Partnered students use a 30-sided random number
generator to create and write addition problems
for the other person to work; they check each
others answers
 Students create their own two step problems
 Students work in small groups to challenge one
another and find who can create the most ways
to make 100 within a specified length of time