Human Resource Management and Social Responsibility

Human Resource Management
and Social Responsibility
Employee Motivation
 Motivation is the employees enthusiasm for work
and drives the employee to complete an action or
 A want to solve a problem and complete an
Factors that will Motivate Employees
 Interesting Work- activities related to work that
employees enjoy doing.
 Good Wages- Receiving an income that your able to
support yourself from.
 Full Appreciation of Work Done- When employee
finishes task they knowing they have done a good
Factors that will Motivate Employees
 Job Security- knowing that a person won’t be fired or
laded off.
 Good Working Conditions- Employees feel
comfortable and respected in their place of work
 Promotions and Growth in the OrganizationKnowing an employee will be able to expand in a
company, either through receiving a raise in salary or
a higher position.
Factors that will Motivate Employees
 Feeling of being in on things- when you feel like you
have everything under control and you are not
overloaded with work.
 Personal Loyalty to Employees- As management you
make personal bonds with good employees and will
be loyal to them.
 Tactful Discipline- Disciplining with several different
 Sympathetic Help with Personal ProblemsCounseling your employees on a corporate and
personal level.
Ways to Motivate Employees
 There are many ways to motivate employees, two
ways to do so are:
Training: Training happens when employees are first hired,
but training never ends. This should be led by supervisors with
help from specific employees who show strength in the skills
Leadership Roles: Give leadership roles to reward performance
and to help identify future promotable employees.
When Employees are not Motivated
 When employees are not motivated in your company
negative things can come from it, this includes
Poor Performance
Poor Customer Service
When Employees are not Motivated
 Poor Performance: Employees who are not
motivated perform at a lower level than other workers. If
no excitement for the mission of the company it can be
difficult to maintain the momentum needed to complete
a task.
 Dissatisfaction: When one employee lacks
motivation, it can bring down the morale of the entire
 Poor Customer Service: Unmotivated
employees may not have the energy or patience to deal
with customers. With customers unhappy this can give
your company a bad reputation.
Motivation Program
When an employee does a good job on something or
just needs a little motivation in their day just follow
these steps:
1. Create a good working environment so everyone is
in a positive working mood.
2. Give a good recognition and acknowledgement to
an employee that achieves a certain goal.
3. In the school store a crucial part of learning how to
work the store is through one on one training time.
Motivation Program Cont.
4. If an employee makes a successful sale or does well
helping an employee they need immediate on the
spot praise.
5. Team spirit is an important part of running any
store, if you don’t believe in your product the
customers won’t either.
6. Have occasional social gatherings and get to know
all the DECA workers on a more personal level
where everyone meets in the DECA room and has
pizza and talks.
Motivation Program Cont.
Theme concerts once a month where whoever designs
the display case the best wins a prize.
8. Executive appraisal is the highest form of appraisal
that exists and if you get an appraisal from your
teacher that means you are doing a great job.
9. Leadership roles are very crucial, if you tell someone
they have a certain section they are in charge of then
you will be more inclined to work harder.
10. Giving your employees additional responsibilities is a
big thing, they will feel like they are respected and
will try to impress management with hard work.