Lord of Life Student Congregation Church Council Application

Lord of Life Student Congregation
Church Council Application
The Lord of Life Church Council is seeking students to be God’s instruments in God’s world and leaders of the
Christian community on campus. The Church Council has regularly scheduled meetings. It is important that
Council Members are active in Worship, activities of Lord of Life, and fulfill the responsibility associated with
the position.
Our mission:
As a church council united by God’s love we will be an example for others by fostering a welcoming
environment in a community of Christian faith. We will spread God’s love through service, fellowship, and
education. As leaders, we will encourage all on their various faith walks by challenging them to question, learn
and grow with their neighbors and God through grace.
Your name
Cell phone
______ - _________ - _______________
Hall & Room # ____________________________ Mail box # _______ Class Year _________
There are 5 Ministries areas around which Church Council focuses:
Worship – Special worship services
Service – Outreach in the local and global community
Learning – Anything educational
Community Building – enhance our relationships with each other
Fellowship – Anything Fun
Please answer the following questions; feel free to use additional paper.
What makes you interested in serving on the Church Council?
What past experiences have led you to apply for this position?
The strengths that I would bring to the Church Council are:
Five attributes that those who know me well would use to describe my personality are:
Applications due no later than Friday, April 8th 2016.
Please turn in applications to the Campus Ministry Office.