Information on the law studies minor

Preparing for a Career in the Legal Profession at DSU
The purpose of the Law Studies Program is to prepare students for a
career in the legal profession, whether it be as an attorney, paralegal or
other profession related to field of law. To this end, the LAw Studies
program offers the following services for students:
- Information on law schools, including catalogs and applications.
- A library of law texts, a computer lab, and a classroom for use by any
students in the program.
- A Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) Preparation COurse, which is
available in the political science curriculum in the Department of HIstory,
POlitical Science and Philosophy.
- LSAT registration books and waiver applications.
- Funding to attend the annual Law School forum in NEw York, where
selected students can visit with the school personnel and attend
information sessions on financial aid and the admissions process.
- Letters of recommendation for those applying for admission to law
- Assistance with internship placements dealing with the legal profession.
- Sponsoring events such as Law Day forums, speakers and debates on
legal controversies.
- Advising on the best courses to take for law school and careers in the law
Beginning in the Fall of 2005, the Law Studies program began to offer a
Minor in Law Studies. The Law Studies Program offers a 21-credit minor in
LAw Studies, which include courses drawn from six disciplines across five
academic departments. Students must earn a C or better in all required
courses. The curriculum for the minor is as follows:
33-307: COnstitutional Law/Political Science
33-308: Civil Liberties/Political Science
42-302: Legal environment/Accounting
37-315 Criminal Law/Sociology
03-206 Logic/Philosophy
01-311 Advanced composition/English
41-402: Business Law/Accounting
03-101: Critical thinking/Philosophy
16/471: Legal Ethical Issues in Sport/Sports Sciences
Students interested in enrolling in the Law Studies minor or in any of the
aforementioned services should contact the Law Studies Director:
Dr. Samuel B. Hoff, Director
Law Studies Program
COnrad Hall 215 or ETV 213
302-857-7617 or 302-857-6633
Delaware State UNiversity
1200 N. Dupont HIghway
Dover, DE. 19901-2277