Liner Notes Digitization Project Album Jacket & Book


Liner Notes Digitization Project

Album Jacket & Book

•ArtistName, AlbumName, Date

•SongList (songNum, SongTitle,

Composer, Instrumentalists, timeStamp…)

•BibliographicInfo (performers, producers, engineers, publishers, studio, dates, copyright, catNum, LabelInfo)


Album Labels

•Mandatory: LabelInfo, SideInfo

(RecordNum, SideNum, Speed) CatNum

•BibliographicInfo: ArtistName, AlbumTitle,

Date, LabelInfo (CorpName, Address)

•SongList (SongName, SongNumb,

Composer, Instrumentalist, Time, Publisher)

Issues & Challenges

•Information repeats many times.

•Concerned with copying the actual layout and physical characteristics of the artifact, or the content?

•Need a more elegant way to link images and text (text is often an image, or relies extensively on design context for meaning)

Book Insert

•In this case took the place of the Album Liners (liners were blank)

•Critical Essay: Often written by important contemporary critics … and / or

•Personal Essay: Written by members of the group.

Could also include information regarding the “making of” the album, technical information, theory


The LNML Needs YOU

•Continued development and augmentation of the LNML DTD

•Interface Development: regular users enter liner information. (Complex LibraryThing for Record


•Collection Need: an authoritative and complete record collection with which to work (preferably old, so documents were not born digital)

Megan Winget :: Assistant Professor :: School of Information :: UT Austin