Projects for Success, 21st Century Competencies

Projects for Success:
21st Century
for learning, work and life!
Quotes to Ponder:
The Rear View Mirror is our
worst enemy
How we were taught is
not the best for now!
The future ain’t what it
used to be : Yogi Berra
The future is hereit ‘s just not evenly
The best way to predict
the future is to invent itAlan Kay
What are some of the
skills you think students
need to survive in the
21 century?
 Discuss as a table and write them down.
Who would like to share
out a skill and why they
think it is important?
(Write them down)
According to the Project
Management Institute the
number one skill needed for
the 21st century is
To do this they believe in
Problem Based Learning:
Project based learning involves the students in the
following four steps.
 Defining (the problem)
 Planning (what to do about it)
 Doing (putting into action your idea/plan)
 Reviewing (constantly reviewing/changing/making
 PMIEF’s Resources for Youth materials provides
no-cost project management learning and teaching
curriculum and other materials for primary and
secondary school teachers and students to develop
21st century skills.
 Administrators
 Insight into project-centered education and project
management learning opportunities.
 Parents
 Supports project-based learning opportunities by
strengthening the impact of project management
 Students
 Provides easy access to resources that reinforce
project management terminology, skills and techniques.
 Teachers
 Curricula and teaching case studies, technology and
age-appropriate education approaches.
Check out this site for
information for teachers
Check out these books for more ideas
(summer reading!)
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