Structures: Planning Bone Diagram Desired State

Structures: Planning
Bone Diagram
Desired State
You will have a well-designed
structures project complete by
December 19th.
You will have a well written,
informative, and organized structures
report complete by December 17th.
Revise, Edit and proofread. Finish your final draft.
Complete your model.
Step 6
Write/type your rough draft.
Step 5
Begin reading and taking notes. Record your
information under the appropriate headings.
Start building your structures project.
Develop an outline based on criteria
required for report (graphic organizer).
Go to the library and find books about
your structure. Find information from
the internet. Go to the craft store to
buy materials for your model. Collect
“household items”.
Choose a famous structure to
research/design model.
Current State
Today is November 21st. The teacher
has given you a long-term science
project on structures. The model and
written report are due on December
Step 4
Step 3
Step 2
Step 1