Dear Second Grade Families,

Dear Second Grade Families,
As 21st century educators, we are always looking for ways to enhance
and enrich learning. In the current digital age, technology has become a
vital tool in your child's learning. Seldens Landing is currently in the
process of raising funds to secure a class set of chromebooks in your
child's grade level so that your child will have greater access to
technology in his/her classroom. Some of the ways we would utilize this
spectacular tool are:
*differentiated reading, phonic and math reinforcement for lessons
taught in class
*Social Studies, Science, and Health Web Quests
*Keyboarding Skills
We hope you will consider partnering with us to provide this enriching
opportunity to further your child's fortuity to become a success in the
21st century. Please see our school's website for ways to help "raise
the green" for technology at your child's school.
The Second Grade Team