Assignment:   Position Paper

Position Paper Assignment
Final Exam
Chapter 12 points out that social scientists study social and cultural institutions to make
recommendations to correct flaws in the system. Social scientists apply knowledge to the
analysis of real problems and create solutions.
Goal: Choose a problem and write a position paper to an appropriate audience that
suggests at least one solution.
Read Chapter 12 carefully so that you can
understand the reasoning behind creating position papers,
define and limit the scope of your problem,
formulate one or more solutions.
Choose a situation from the Suggestions for Research and Writing or choose some
other relevant problem.
Address it to an appropriate audience: a governmental agency, a local decision
maker looking for answers, or it may appear on the local newspaper opinion page.
Study these two articles that were written by professionals for a public audience.
Doing so will guide your own decisions and help you with your writing style.
“Consumer Marriage and Modern Covenant Marriage,” by William Doherty, on
page 498.
“Abolishing Welfare Won’t Stop Poverty, Illigitimacy,” by Elijah Anderson, on
page 504.
Do library research or consult experts to get the facts you need to convince your
audience that your solution is viable. Your opinion must be based on evidence.
APA or MLA in-text documentation and bibliography page required for
secondary sources. You will have to decide how many sources are needed and it will
vary, depending on your topic, but procure at least three.
Approximate page length: 6-7, not counting bibliography page, double space.