Plan US2788 (DOC, 55KB) (DOC, 55KB)

A simple plan – level 2 desktop publishing – unit standard 2788
This example uses the brief in the example on page 10.
Purpose: To provide three desktop publications that promotes Anywhere College to
parents of prospective year 9 students.
Decide on the format of the documents based on the specifications given
Check to see what sort of pictures and text are available
Select suitable pictures and text to use
Complete investigation milestone – 3 days (in class and homework)
4. Create the designs for the documents, showing the layout of the pages
5. Create the documents, adding text and graphics according to the designs
6. Check the spelling and page/column breaks in the text
7. Select and add the enhancements
8. Adjust the layout as necessary to remove any widows and orphans, or missing
Complete creation milestone – 3 days
9. Print drafts and evaluate them against the brief
10. Modify the documents if required.
Complete evaluation milestone – 1 day
1. This is a simple plan; it does not include details of the evaluation because these
are specified in the unit standard itself.
2. In a simple plan, the reasons for student choices need not be expressed. In a
more complex plan, students should be prepared to justify their selections of
material, methods of evaluation, or changes made as the project progresses.
3. The milestones should include indicators of time expected to complete steps of
the project. These milestones should be reviewed, and revised if necessary.
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