Critical Listening Assignment

Critical Listening Assignment
Your assignment will be to choose a commercially released song, and discuss aspects of
the recording, production, and mixing. You must bring the song to class with you so that
you can play it for the entire class to hear. You will then briefly discuss the song.
Guidelines for the Paper:
1. Your paper must be at least half a page in length.
2. You must do your best to include all instrumentation and vocal tracks used in the
3. You must discuss the stereo positioning of the vocals and instruments.
4. You must comment on any effects that you hear (reverb, delay, or others).
5. You must comment on the tone and/or equalization of individual tracks, as well as
the mix as a whole.
6. If you are able to determine that vocals or particular instruments were
compressed, please mention them.
7. This assignment doesn’t have to be typed, but I must be able to read your
8. You should treat this as you would an English assignment in terms of spelling,
punctuation, and grammar.