Suppl. Fig. 4 Tgfb1

Suppl. Fig. 4
Expression analysis of several TGF-β family members during environmental enrichment (EE).
Hippocampal mRNA levels of Tgfb1 (a), Tgfb2 (b), Tgfb3 (c), Inhbb (d) and Inha (e) were analyzed by
RT-qPCR and did not markedly change during exposure to EE. mRNA levels were normalized to the
mean of Tbp, Hprt and Rpl13a. Experiments were conducted twice except for Inhbb (n=3). Error bars
represent mean +/- SEM. One-way ANOVA and Tukey multiple comparison test was used to test for
significant changes.
Suppl. Fig. 4: