Third Nordic Marketing Conference

Third Nordic Marketing Conference
Workshop 1: What is effective Marketing Communication today?
The goal for this workshop is to discuss the new possibilities and conditions
for the marketing of complicated services like statistics in modern society.
Technical developments and the increasing number of companies and organisations providing
information, require statistical organisations to be professional not to confuse or even loose
In this workshop we will describe the situation in Sweden concerning our view of the
problems and what steps we have taken to solve them. Together with the participants of the
workshop we want to identify the similarities between the different countries and also the
differences. We believe by doing so we can form a basis for an interesting and
creative/dynamic discussion.
Some specific questions to discuss:
To what extent must centralized decisions about advertisements be taken?
What is the role for institutional marketing in relation to product/service marketing?
How can we deal with the fact that statistical competence differs a lot between the
How can we guarantee a uniform quality from our statistical office?