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Fagbenle, Ayodeji
HHsi spring 16
Study Questions
1) The old school rappers that established social commentary in hip pop tradition was the
five percent nation and public enemy
2) Brand Nubians song”Im black and Im proud exemplified honor to being black during a
time were blacks were socially and economically depressed. The concept of black
nationalism is manifested in conscious rap through showing a sense of pride for being a
member of the black race through music.
3) The features that are common to conscious rap and soul music is that both have a
message of tranquility and coming together as a people instead of a separated unit
4) You can distinguish the various styles of conscious rap mostly by how aggressive the
artist or group is while communicating the messages in their songs. Public Enemies “I
don’t want to be called a nigga” was more of an aggressive song while Brand Nubians
“meaning of life was more tranquil.
5) The social conditions that are associated with the emergence of gangsta rap is the high
unemployment and under education of black youths in America
6) Characters such as Dolomite and Stackolee were prominent in rap lyrics
7) The popular media genre that influenced the narrative and images in many gangster rap
songs of the 1900s was the Blaxploitation genre.
Key terms
Baadman- an outlaw figure in folk narrative
Blaxplotation film-a film genre popular in the early 1970s, made with black performers and aimed at
black audience
Chirp-scratched-an advanced scratch technique
Five percent nation-an offshoot of the nation of islam and guided by the teachings of Clarence 13x
Gangsta rap-a style of rap music distinguished by raw, edgy, raucous sound and gritty tales about urban
Jazz-rap fusion-a fusion of jazz and hip-pop
Rap-metal-fuses the most aggressive elements of hardcore rap and heavy metal
Raptivist- a term coined by Harry Allen, a publicist for public enemy and music journalist, to describe
politically active rappers and their fans
Transformer scratch-a scratching technique created by tapping cross fader to chop up a long scratch sound
into smaller scratch pieces