Week Five Vocabulary

Week Five
Dude, it’s reading time!
Begin your two column journal.
Remember: Use quotation marks in the page
Correct Format: Author’s name (Last, First.)
Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher,
Year of Publication. Source Type.
Level Two: These questions are inference-based. You have
to read between the lines to figure out the answer. You can
put your finger on the evidence that supports your answer.
Label the chapter your question is from.
Example: Chapter 12: What significance does the red door
play in the characterization of Lady Seymour?
Your answer:
Your Leveled Two
Your answer:
Level Three: You don’t have to read the piece to answer Level
Three questions, but it helps. These questions are based on
personal experience or opinion. They are abstract – meaning you
can’t put your finger on the evidence. These are thought-provoking
and often lead to a discussion, too. Label the chapter your question
is from.
Example: Chapter 13: Is gossip ‘evil’?
Your answer:
Your Leveled Three
Your answer:
 Choose
the character from Chains that you
would like to illustrate. Brainstorm a list of
traits and possible symbols for that