10.4 Conflicts over Land
Civilized Tribes: Cherokee, Creek,
Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Semioles
• White settlers felt land west of
Mississippi River too dry for farming
• They wanted federal government to
relocate Native Americans to West
• President Jackson, a frontier man,
supported setters’ demand
Indian Removal Act of 1830
• Federal government to pay Native
Americans for their land and to
resettle in Indian Territory
The Cherokee Nation
• Cherokee Nation refused and filed
lawsuit Worchester v. Georgia
• Supreme Court ruled Georgia does
not have the right to force Cherokee’s
off their land
• Jackson ignored ruling. “John
Marshall shall has made his decision,
not let him enforce.”
Trail of Tears
Native American Resistance
• Massacre of Saul and Fox people
• Seminole War: Osceola