February 8, 2007

FEBRUARY 8, 2007
Katharine Briar-Lawson, Randall Craig, Diane Dewar,
Nick Fahrenkopf, Jil Hanifan, Jon Jacklet, David McCaffrey, Steven
Messner, Melinda Spencer, Allen Wong, Edelgard Wulfert
Minutes from January 17, 2007 were unanimously approved.
Selective Investment
 On behalf of Susan Herbst, Melinda Spencer commended UPC on their efforts
on the Selective Investment review process.
Dean – School of Public Health
 The four candidates for the Dean of School of Public Health have concluded
their visits. Each candidate represented various individual strengths. The
Search Committee will be meeting February 9 to complete the charge of the
Provost to provide a list of three names. A decision should be made in the
near future.
If you had the opportunity to meet the candidates, your input will be
Diversity Graduate Student Reception
 This event is organized by Betty Shadrick, in the Office of Graduate Studies,
and will be held tomorrow, February 9 and is open to everyone.
Executive Senate Committee Meeting
Topic of the Spring Faculty Forum is “Enhancing the Student Honor Code.”
The Forum will be held on March 27 from 6-8 p.m. in the Ballroom. Diane
Dewar explained that there will be a panel of people from administration,
faculty and student representatives. More details will be forthcoming.
Athletics Division
At the last UPC meeting, Dr. Messner reported that he had lunch with Teri
Harrison, UAlbany’s NCAA representative. Professor Harrison indicated that
Vice President McElroy is eager to enhance communication with University
governance. The Council agreed at our last meeting that Dr. Messner would
invite both Vice President McElroy & Professor Harrison. They will be joining
us at our next meeting, Thursday, March 15 at 10:30 a.m. This will give UPC
an opportunity to learn more about the football stadium that has been in the
Certificate of Graduate Study in Teacher Leadership
Dr. Messner received an email from Jon Bartow indicating there is a proposal
for a Certificate of Graduate Study in Teacher Leadership from the School of
Education. It is currently going through GAC, however, it will require the
review of UPC. This item will be on the agenda for our next meeting. Dr.
Messner will circulate a copy of the proposal to the Council.
Dr. Messner will invite a person from the School of Education associated with
the proposal to attend the meeting. This will assist with any questions the
Council may have regarding the proposal.
Selective Investment Committee Review Report
Dr. Messner compiled notes in the form of a draft report of the review
meeting highlighting criteria for the evaluation of the proposals. This was
sent to UPC members, who were invited to suggest specific illustrations of
the criteria based on their reviews as “readers/presenters” for the earlier
Only three members responded with specific illustrations prior to today;
another was received via email this morning.
One council member registered a vote against providing illustrations.
Dr. Messner felt that with such a small response from members, there does
not appear to be a strong sentiment for illustrating the proposals.
Teri Harrison had indicated that the Selective Investment Committee needed
to receive UPC’s input by Wednesday, February 14 if the input would be
reviewed in its early discussions. Randall Craig, a member of the Selective
Investment Committee, reported that the SIC has already met and have
started the review of proposals with some already eliminated.
Two issues Dr. Messner presented to UPC for discussion. 1) Do we want to
illustrate each proposal? If that’s the decision, we’ll have to determine how
to do that in the short timeframe. If that’s not the decision of the Council,
then, 2) Are there changes/elaborations in the draft report that need to be
After discussion, the following motion was introduced:
Forward the current report, which identifies criteria for evaluation without
any illustrations, to the Selective Investment Committee.
The motion was seconded
The motion was opened for discussion.
It was suggested that a general statement be included regarding
governance review.
It was suggested that the four questions used in reviewing proposals be
included in Section I. Background of the report for the Selective
Investment Committee.
Amendment to Motion:
Forward the current report inserting in Section I. Background the four
questions used in reviewing proposals without the illustrations to the
Selective Investment Committee.
This was accepted as a friendly amendment.
Additional Amendment to Motion:
A clarifying phrase (in bold) be added, in Section II. A. Sustainability,
“In addition to requests for faculty lines (with reoccurring
funds), this round of Selective Investments also involves a commitment
of one-time funds.”
Discussion of Amended Motion concluded and a vote was taken:
8 – Approved
1 – Opposed
1 - Abstained
Motion made to adjourn at 11:35 a.m.
Respectfully submitted by,
Kathleen Spawn