10.27.15 Email to Parents

This week in English Class:
Author of the Week: Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1949) – an American writer, editor, and literary
critic. Poe is best known for his poetry and short stories, particularly his tales of mystery and the
macabre (disturbing & related to death).
*Animoto Presentations – Students will introduce and share their Animoto presentations with
the class. We began working on these in the Media Center Computer Lab on Monday. I love seeing how
kids can “teach creatively” with the use of this “video power point-type” presentation! I will NOT accept
any late Animoto projects after we present on Monday.
*Clash of the Titans – An overall understanding of the role between gods and humans in Greek
Mythology, as we will also study these relationships in “The Odyssey.” Students will complete an
organizer about characters, who/what they are responsible for, their traits, and importance to the
overall story.
*“The Black Cat” – An introduction to Tone & Mood, as well as the vocabulary from Edgar Allan
Poe's Short Story, "The Black Cat." Then, when students have the background information, we will read
the story -- a dark and twisted tale!
*6th Hour: PreAP: We will begin “Book Cube” projects, which will be assigned this week and DUE
on Wednesday, November 10. This will be our final project (worth 200 points) for “The Old Man and the
*Jaguar NEWS:
**See Athletic information attached.
**DRESS UP DAY: this Thursday, October 29. Costumes are permitted (school appropriate),
and even prizes for certain categories, as advertised at school.
**Safe Trick-or-Treat:
children and families are welcome to attend our largest
community outreach event of the year --- complete with hallways of games and lots of candy! It’s all
kid-friendly! High school students are ONLY allowed when escorting children OR to work the event (and
they must have a badge) – no students can come to wander the halls! 
**Don’t forget to check my website and Class Calendar there to see what is going on each
week. Have a great week!
“Go Jaguars!”
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