February 12, 2015

Office of the Vice President – Academic Affairs
FEBRUARY 12, 2015
Present: M. Abbani, R. Bell, S. Blake, K. Daniel-DiGregorio, W. Garcia, I. Graff,
S. Griffin, S. Kunisaki, G. Miranda, C. Mosqueda, J. Nishime, J. Pon-Ishikawa, M. Ramey,
I. Reyes, J. Sims
A. Notes of 1/22/15: Distributed and approved.
Update: Discussion was held regarding how to proceed with exemptions from assessment,
orientation, and ed planning. When SSSP is implemented, focus should be more on
courses vs. exemptions. Need to find a way to code assessment and priority registration if
student provides AP tests and assessment from another institution. Completion
component is different from level assessment. There will be more discussion on this at
the Summit.
A. SSSP Summit:
1. Follow up and intervention for students who do not complete core services
 Provide intervention instead of consequence.
 A personal email from a counselor.
 Identify ways to get faculty involved.
 Put together strategies as a check off.
 Identify students in basic skill classes.
2. FYE has three recruitment models. Use different strategies and outline more steps.
Human Development course can be used as intervention (i.e. Ed Plan, orientation).
Provide outreach for those that did not go through the services and use Human
Development as vehicle source.
3. How will the exemption criteria be done?
4. Comprehensive Ed Plan
 Have we done advertising campaign?
 Can it be done in a group or one-on-one?
 Need counselors to inform us when we need to do an email blast.
 Goal is to implement by Fall 2015.
5. Use data after census date. Poll students who have 15 units and no major.
6. How do we capture students to declare a major?
 It is not a requirement for students to do.
 Provide option for A&R and Counseling to have access to change a student’s major
in the system.
7. At-Risk Students
 Fall 2016 implementation.
 Can the College provide intervention for pre-probation students (2.0-2.2 GPA)?
 Offer Human Development classes.
 What are risk factors to look at? Provide a demo at Summit.
8. Cynthia Mosqueda provided a list of topics from the Counselors’ Retreat which will be
used at the Summit.
9. Schedule for SSSP Summit:
8:45 – coffee
9:00 – start
Topics/Breakout Sessions
Adjourn – 2:00 pm
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