September 11, 2014

DATE: September 11, 2014
Present: M. Abbani, A. Aguilar, F. Arce, S. Blake, K. Daniel-DiGregorio, R. Dreizler, W. Garcia,
I. Graff, J. Holiday, J. Ishikawa, C. Jeffries, S. Kunisaki, G. Miranda, C. Mosqueda, J. Nishime, D. Reid,
I. Reyes, J. Shankweiler
The meeting began at 1:03 p.m.
A. Notes of August 14, 2014: Distributed and reviewed.
A. SSSP Plan Review – J. Nishime/F. Arce
1. J. Nishime and W. Garcia will meet with SSSP Coordinators from Region 8 on 9/12/14 to
share information and gather more input regarding the SSSP Plan.
2. Core Services – Follow-Up for At-Risk Students
a) Currently, there are no formal campaigns or outreach programs in place for
undeclared/undecided students. Recommendation to create a new initiative to address
new and continuing students with an undeclared ed goal.
b) All counselors have the authority to change a student’s major through Colleague. W.
Garcia will provide training to counselors who are not familiar with this.
Recommendation to allow students to change their major through MyECC.
c) K. Daniel-DiGregorio will provide more information regarding Human Development
courses and how they assist students in becoming clearer about their goals.
d) C. Mosqueda will provide the diagnostics FYE uses for career planning.
e) I. Graff will provide data for how many level 1 probationary students become level 2
probationary students.
f) Students with a GPA between 2.0 - 2.1 should be targeted to inform them of the resources
available before they are placed on probationary status.
g) The college must implement a more intrusive approach versus passively notifying
students of their probationary status.
h) The college should review what interventions work best for probationary students. There
is a strong body of research that can be used.
i) I. Reyes will set up a pilot group to review the Early Alert module the college has
through Colleague.
j) Many students do not check their MyECC email accounts and miss critical information.
The college must create a campaign to encourage students to check their ECC email. A
text alert service would be also be beneficial. The ways in which the college
communicates with students is an important issue and should be discussed more in the
SSSP Plan. Recommendation to discuss with the Technology Committee how to better
communicate with students.
k) The MyECC student portal should be reviewed to ensure it is user friendly for students.
The next Student Success Advisory Committee Meeting will be held on September 25, 2014 at 1:00
p.m. in Library 202.
The meeting adjourned at 2:07 p.m.