Extra Credit Scavenger Hunt

Mrs. B’s 10 Point Scavenger Hunt 2013 Your Name ________________________________________Sec #_____________
Directions: You must complete or answer each question below. Do not share your answers.
Put this in the Homework Folder for Bonus Points!
1. (1 point) Find the ECC Fitness Center. What do you need to do in order to use it?
2. (1 point) Find the Humanities Division office. DO NOT GO INSIDE! Write down the name of one
of the instructors in the frame of pictures outside the office door.
3. (2 points) Find the Counseling Offices in SSVC.
What is the phone number for appointments?
What service is available to students behind the appointment desks and next to drop in counseling?
4. (1 point) Look at your syllabus. What are two ways to contact your instructor for help?
Ph # & Ext.__________________________________________ E-mail address______________________________________
5. (1 point) Go to the Learning Resources Center in the library. Find out 2 more things that are available to
students there besides the tutors. They are…
_________________________________ & ____________________________
6. (1 point) Find the Computer Commons in the Library Media Technology Center in the east lower level of the
library. (hint)You must enter from inside the library. Computers in rooms “C” and “D” have the same reading
programs as our lab and the same word processing and grammar programs as the Writing Center. Cool, huh?
What four colors are the tiles in the hallway? ________ ________ _______ ________
7. (1 point) While you’re down there, go to the READING SUCCESS CENTER in the library basement.
How many computers are there for student use? ________
8. (1 point) Find the Health Center where they have counseling services, blood tests, Dr. appointments, etc. and
write the phone number for appointments
9. (1 point) Name one office that you might visit that is located upstairs in the Student Services Bldg
Note: You must carry your current student ID!