Prosperity At Risk

Prosperity at Risk
Dr. Bill Anderson
Executive Director of MeckEd
Former CMS Teacher and Principal
Mark Pringle
VP of Charlotte Energy Hub for Siemens Energy, Inc.
Why is America’s
prosperity at risk?
In-depth survey on
U.S. competitiveness
October 2011
10,000 HBS alumni
How was competitiveness
defined in the survey?
"The extent to which firms operating in the
U.S. are able to compete successfully in the
global economy while supporting high and
rising living standards for Americans."
Over 1,700 respondents were
personally involved in
decisions about whether to
place business activities and
jobs in the U.S. or elsewhere.
United States fared poorly,
losing 2/3 of the decisions
that were resolved.
Who are we
competing against?
Facilities involving large
numbers of jobs moved out
of the U.S. much faster than
they moved in.
42% of all decisions involved
research, development, and
engineering activities.
What is threatening
our competitiveness?
Biggest threats
Tax code
K-12 education system
What are we
going to do?
“It is not the strongest of the species that
survives, nor the most intelligent, but the
one most responsive to change.”
Charles Darwin
Harvard Graduate
School of Education
February 2011
Does everyone need
a college degree?
College for All
The Forgotten Half
Only 30% complete
Bachelor’s degree
By their mid-20s
Post-High School
What is the Rest
of the World Doing?
“…tonight I ask every American to
commit to at least one year or more
of higher education or career training.
This can be community college, a
four-year school, vocational training,
or an apprenticeship. But whatever
the training may be, every American
will need to get more than a high
school diploma.”
President Barak Obama
2010 State of the Union Address
What can
Charlotte do?
What Can Charlotte Do?
Include employers in the learning process through:
• Internships
• Workplace learning opportunities
• Paid apprenticeship program
• Business Advisory Council partnering with high schools
• Career Academies within our high schools
Is anyone already
doing this?
Manufacturing is a Key Economic Pillar
• More economic activity /$ spent
than any other sector.
• Manufacturing is the largest job
creation sector.
• Manufacturing “Ecosystem” creates
a multiplier effect (1.6) that is higher
than any other sector.
• Trade balance for the country is lead
by manufacturing.
Global Manufacturing Competitiveness
• It IS possible to be competitive at US
wage level.
• Modern manufacturing focuses on
automation and elimination of waste.
• It is more important to be in the
market than where the people are
paid the least.
• The key is using the right amount of
people doing the right level of tasks.
• People must be trained for higher
level technical skills than traditional
manufacturing impressions.
People Development Is Key
Public / private partnerships are the way to go!
Siemens Two-Pronged Approach
Key Points
• Manufacturing is key to future competitiveness
• We have already proven we can compete
• Availability of people with the right skills will pace growth
How might we impact
students and businesses?
MeckTech Advisor Program
Goals of the program are to:
• Increase awareness of post-secondary educational opportunities.
available at CPCC and increase their enrollment.
• Increase high school and post-secondary graduation rates.
• Increase business partnerships that will support Vance High School
and Martin Middle School students.
• Provide more workplace-learning opportunities.
• Increase internships.
• Increase paid and unpaid apprenticeships.