English Civil War James I Charles I – Cromwell

English Civil War
James I
Charles I
(Interregnum) – Cromwell
Charles II (Restoration)
James II (Glorious Revolution)
James I (formerly James VI of
Scotland) adopted by Elizabeth I,
rules 1603-1625, but is an
•Tonnages and Poundages
•Royal Monopolies
•How many people can he annoy?
Charles I (1625-49)
Even more unpopular than James
Also absolutist, but looks to get
around parliament by:
Civil war with Scotland (Anglican
Prayer Book) 1630’s
Fires Parliament!
Short Parliament 1640 (Spring)
Long Parliament 1640 (Nov)
Grand Remonstration
War in Ireland as English displace
1649 turns out very badly for
Oliver Cromwell’s Interregnum
• Lord Protectorate of
England, Calvinist,
Roundhead. 1646
• January 30, 1649,
roundheads kill Charles I
• Established the Puritan
Republic (Rump
• Dies 1658, his son reigns
two more years before a
very bad day in 1660
The Restoration
• Charles II 1660-85
• Restores English
Monarchy…even tho’
he is also absolutist
and secretly proCatholic
• Simultaneous with
Louis XIV of France